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Green Tree candle 7 arcangels

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Green Tree candle 7 arcangels

Arch angels colored t-lites

Fire brings light and heat in the darker and colder days, but for many it’s also part of a spiritual reflection or religious rituals. Flames can serve as focal point during meditation, or simply to create a ceremonial aura.
In some rites, fire is used for sacrificial rituals because it’s conducive for the energy flow that makes the smoke rises to higher atmospheres.

This box contains 7 archangels t-lites in corresponding colors: yellow, green, orange, light pink, light blue, red and purple. You will receive a lovely sweet scent in a different color for every archangel. The fragranced tea lights, each in its own color, are delivered in an aluminum can, in which you can burn them immediately.

Igniting fire is part of many ceremonies, to emphasize the sacred elements of the actions. Off course it’s also very cozy – the finishing touch of every room..

7 arch angels

You will receive a lovely sweet scent in a different color for every archangel. It concerns the archangels Miguel, Jophiel, Samuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Zadquiel.

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Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Scent Other
Measurements 41x3x6
Condition New

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