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Green Tree Aqua Sagrados Natural Incense 15 grams

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Aqua Sagrados means "holy water." These incense sticks from Green Tree provide a natural scent experience. Only the makers of the holy water know exactly what ingredients are in aqua sagrados. What is certain is that only natural ingredients are used. With these incense sticks from Green Tree you bring the cleansing power of aqua sagrados into your home. The scent provides peace and purifies your home.


The origin of aqua sagrados

Aqua sagrados means "holy water." Holy water is a secret mixture of water with 16 types of leaves that is made in seven days. The preparation of holy water is a complicated process, in which according to the old traditions a priest is present. The result is a complex, spicy scent. Aqua sagrados incense is often used to purify body, mind, and living space. Incense with holy water is not for nothing popular to burn during meditation.

Exactly what ingredients are in aqua sagrados remains a mystery. And that is what makes this scent so interesting.


About the Green Tree brand

Green Tree incense is one of the incense brands that are still traditionally made by hand. The incense sticks are from India from the city of Bangalore. This place is known for its excellent incense.

Everything you smell when your Green Tree incense burns is pure nature. Only vegetable ingredients are used, such as herbs, resin, essential oils and flowers. In addition to giving them a wonderful scent, plants and herbs contribute to your well-being.


Green Tree aqua Sagrados burning incense

Aqua Sagrados incense is one of the most pleasant scents to expel negative energy or odors from your home. The leaves and herbs from these incense sticks provide a stimulating sensation and positive energy. You can burn this incense while meditating or if you want some new energy after a busy day. The incense helps you to sort things out. He provides peace and focus.

To optimally purify your home, it helps to regularly open a window or a door. The cooler the air in your home, the more exciting notes you can smell from aqua sagrados. This incense is very suitable as a gift to a true fragrance enthusiast.


Order Green Tree Aqua Sagrados incense

The Green Tree Aqua Sagrados incense is beautifully packaged. Each pack contains 15 grams of incense sticks.

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More Information
SKU 8902276108102
Material Wood powder
Packaging Per 12
Burn Time 1-2 hours
Brand Green Tree
Goal Meditation
Measurements 22 x 12,5 x 8,5 cm
Condition New