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Goloka Nag Champa Back Flow Cones Pack (12 cans)

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Goloka Back Flow incense Nag Champa

When you have acquired a specially designed back flow incense burner, it’s time to choose one (or two or three) of Goloka's delicious scented backflow incense.
As a figure, buddha symbolizes enlightenment and insight that is achieved through meditation.

These are incense cones that, unlike normal incense cones, are hollow inside. This causes the smoke to 'fall', instead of rise. The effect is that of a waterfall of bright white smoke.

You have to place the cone upright with the tip pointing upwards, so that it burns from top to bottom and the smoke can flow down from the hollow inside.

It’s important to use a special holder/burner to create this effect. Don’t you have a holder for back flow incense yet? Take a quick look at our range.

Nag Champa

Nag champa is a beautiful yellow Asian flower that blossoms in India on the champag tree and is also known as 'Plumeria'. The aroma is sweet and tropical. She is one of the most sold incense fragrances in the world. Nag Champa makes you aware of the relative world and for that reason is experienced as enlightening. The basis of this aroma is the plumeria flower itself, but also gaiakwood, palmarosa, clove and vetiver.

The burning time per cone is about 20 minutes. There are about 24 cones in a package.

Aromaburner NOT included in Packaging


More Information
SKU 8906051434554
Material Wood powder
Packaging Per 12
Brand Goloka
Goal Meditation
Scent Floral
Measurements 10 x 13,5 x 21 cm
EAN 8906051434554
Condition New

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