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Glass Hanging Crystal Cut Glass Bead Tree of Life Green 6"-6

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Glass Hanging Crystal Cut Glass Bead Tree of Life Green 6"-6

Window crystals are beautiful to see and show the colors of the sun light. This window pendant is made of a collection of blue and green crystals and silver-colored pendulum chakra symbols that are strung together so that you can hang them in front of the window. A very decorative eye catchers. But did you know that besides being beautiful, she is also very functional because of the healing effect of the combination of crystals? It is intended to harmonize your environment, because the collective light spectrum influences your sense of well-being.

Tree of life

The hanging crystal is also decorated with a metal Tree of Life symbol, known from the Celtic tradition. This universal concept of the tree of life symbolizes the life that is grounded in the soil but grows towards the light. It can be found in many different cultures and forms.

The combination of these crystals ensures that the energy continues to flow, that negativity is taken away, that a certain energy is emitted from the rainbow colors, that your Chi (life energy) is protected and that this brings light and joy together. How? Your aura itself filters out from this spectrum of color and light what it needs.






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