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Chrysocolla bracelet 6mm

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This chrysocolla bracelet immediately stands out because of its beautiful color. The mineral is known for its beautiful blue and green tones. In terms of effect, chrysocolla provides balance. It is a suitable mineral to carry with you if you are looking for peace and balance.


What is chrysocolla and where is it found?

Chrysocolla is a mineral belonging to the cyclosilicates. It often has a blue, green or blue-green color, but can also be brown. The shine is dull and sometimes you can perceive a stripe color in the mineral.

The name chrysocolla comes from Ancient Greek, from the words chrusos colla. Chrysocolla used to be used to solder gold.

Chrysocolla is found in Arizona and Idaho, (United States), Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Romania, Israel and France.


Chrysocolla; benefits

Chrysocolla is a mineral with an uplifting balancing effect. It is a suitable stone for when you feel over-stimulated. Chrysocolla relieves stress and gives you some strength again.

The mineral chrysocolla works on all your chakras and absorbs negative energy. A chrysocolla bracelet is therefore a great talisman to carry with you. It is a strong protective stone that immediately appeals due to its beautiful color


Chrysocolla bracelet; tips

This chrysocolla bracelet is available at Eastern Trading with beads of 4 millimeters or 6 millimeters in size. You can also combine the bracelet with jewelry made of other minerals.

The bracelet is also very suitable as a spiritual gift. Your gift is complete with a personal letter or a nice storage bag!


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