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Ceramic Smudge Holder DREAM CATCHER

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When smudging your house (cleaning with smoke), safety is of great importance. Whether you are burning palo santo, white sage, sweetgrass or incense cones: these smudge dishes are made of clay (earthenware) and heat resistant.
The bowl is designed so that you can place the cleaning products inside upright. In this way it burns over a longer period without the ash falling over the edge.

Buy a dream catcher smudge bowl

As you may have seen, our assortment is filled with spiritual cleansing products that can purify your body, mind and environment. To finish off your smudge set you can now order this smudge bowl from brown earthenware that is finished with Indian patterns and symbols such as dreamcatchers and wolves.


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SKU 8900000900077
Material Ceramic
Packaging Per Piece
Brand Green Tree
Goal Cleansing
Scent Wood
Measurements 12,5x10
EAN 8900000900077
Condition New