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Brass Bowl HandMade 15,5 cm

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Brass Bowl HandMade 15,5 cm

With this singing bowl you can create beautiful tones, sounds and vibrations. By using the material combination brass, the bowl produces beautiful sounds. The sound bowl can provide deep relaxation and helps you focus on yoga and meditation. The bowl is supplied with a beater and is equipped with traditional images.


The origin of singing bowls

The origin of the singing bowl lies in the states around the Himalayas. Singing bowls are used there for all kinds of rituals, meditation and for eating out. People discovered that the brass material combination (gold, silver, copper and sometimes other raw materials) produced beautiful sounds and vibrations. For example, singing bowls were loved by the Buddhist monks to get into deep meditation. Singing bowls are also called "singing bowls". They are now loved by yogi all over the world.


What are the effects of a singing bowl

The reason that a singing bowl works so well to relax is that you can focus on tone, sound and vibration. In addition, the vibrations of a singing bowl reach a large part of your body. A human body consists of 70% water, and water is very sensitive to vibrations. The vibrations of a singing bowl massage your tissues, as it were. A special experience!


Use singing bowl for yoga

When it comes to yoga, you can go in any direction with this brass bowl. The singing bowl was originally used to announce a new yoga pose. The sound can also be used to go on a "musical journey", where you meditate very deeply. In addition, the sounds help you to focus and can, for example, guide your exhalation during yoga exercises.

Because you can do so much with a singing bowl, there are also yogi who specialize in this. They call themselves "sound workers" and let their students go on a musical journey and meditate with singing bowls.

It is tradition to place a cushion under a singing bowl so that the bowl is not damaged. The material brass is a bit sensitive to scratches. In addition, with a cushion you can experiment a little further with tones or vibrations.


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At Eastern Trading you can order this sound bowl and various other bowls. This singing bowl comes with a beater and exclusive cushion. After creating an account, you can quickly place your order. We always ship in-stock items within 48 hours. We believe good service is important. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about a product or delivery.


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Material brass
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Measurements 15,5cm
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