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Brass Bowl HandMade 14 cm

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Brass Bowl HandMade 14 cm

This singing bowl has a beautiful, authentic look. On the scale are beautiful, traditional images. By "brass" we mean an alloy of materials (gold, silver and copper) that ensure a fascinating sound when you hit the scale. The bowl is supplied with a beater.


The origin of singing bowls

Singing bowls play a major role in meditation sessions in the Buddhist faith. Traditionally, the scales come from the Himalayan countries, such as Nepal and Tibet. There they were used for deep meditation, for rituals and for eating out. The monks found out that by striking a singing bowl, they could relax very deeply. The material combination brass provides beautiful sounds and vibrations that you feel throughout your body. For this reason singing bowls are also called "singing bowls".

Another country where singing bowls are widely used is Indonesia.

Because of the fascinating and relaxing aspects of singing bowls, there are people who make use of singing bowls their work. They use the singing come for meditation lessons with which you can "sound travel" and so can meditate very deeply.


The use of a singing bowl for yoga

In the West, singing bowls are becoming more and more popular during yoga sessions. The singing bowl can be used for all kinds of purposes during yoga. This way you can guide your breathing with it, and you can relax with it. Originally the striking of a singing bowl is done to announce a new yoga exercise.

The reason that a singing bowl fits so well with yoga is that your body consists of approximately 70% water. Water is very sensitive to vibrations. A singing bowl produces all kinds of vibrations that resonate deep in your body. This ensures relaxation. In addition, the sounds help you to focus on meditation or yoga exercises. It is customary to place a singing bowl on a pillow. This way the scale will not be damaged. The nice thing about using a singing bowl is that it connects music and sound. You can thus find the connection with yourself and with others.


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This singing bowl comes with a beater. It is an authentic, handmade product. With us you can order this singing bowl and various other singing bowls quickly and easily. We always ship products that are in stock within 48 hours. You are in good hands with regard to expertise: we have been a specialist in the field of fragrances and spiritual products for 45 years.

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Material brass
Verpakking Per Piece
Measurements 14cm
EAN 8902320388634
Condition new