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Bracelet Copper beads and Chakra beads

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This beautiful, spiritual bracelet consists of copper beads and stone beads in the colors of the 7 chakras. These chakras each have their own meaning and complement each other. With this bracelet you can wear them with you anytime and anywhere. This gives a protected and balanced feeling. The bracelet also looks beautiful.


The thought behind the chakra bracelet

This bracelet gives support to all your 7 chakras. Chakras are the energy channels that run through our body. The busy lives that many people have to deal with, and in addition the many incentives (telephone, social media) can block the chakras. Through "healing" and meditation you ensure that blockages are lifted and that your chakras are cleansed.

For example, healing your chakras can consist of carrying the crystals or colors of the chakras with you.

Short explanation about the chakras

The chakras come in different traditions or visions of life. In short, they are seen as nodes or energy channels in your body. A distinction is made between 7 different chakras, namely:

- The first chakra, which is red as a color. This is the root chakra.

- The second chakra is called sacrum - or chakral chakra and is orange.

- The third chakra is your solar plexus chakra, which includes the color yellow.

- The fourth chakra is your heart chakra, with the color green or pink. With this bracelet that is the color green.

- The fifth chakra is called your throat chakra and is light blue.

- The sixth chakra is your forehead chakra and indigo blue belongs to this energy path.

- The seventh chakra is your crown chakra, which has the color purple.

With the bracelet you carry the colors all with you.


Wear chakra bracelet or give as a gift

This chakra bracelet is a wonderful spiritual gift to yourself or someone else. The seven colored beads not only support your chakras, but are also very beautiful to see. The bracelet is expressive, but not too loud.

The nice thing about wearing a chakra bracelet is that you can touch the beads with your fingers if you feel stressed. You can see the bracelet as the protector of your chakras and as a statement that you always have with you. The bracelet can be worn by both men and women, young and old.


Order bracelet copper beads and chakra beads

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