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Blue Soapstone Metatron Cube Incense Holder

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Blue soapstone metatron incense holder

 An incense holder unlike any other: it’s nocturnal blue and imprinted with the cube of Archangel Metatron. This is a geometric pattern that is built from the Flower of Life and plays an important role in the new Ether Physics. You can clean your chakras with the help of this cube. Metatron opens the gates to other states of consciousness and other dimensions. Metatron is pure love and more popular than ever because it takes care of new age children in their high sensitivity.

The incense holder is square shaped and is entirely made from the organic soapstone. Soapstone is solidified rock that was formed in the earth's crust for more than 2 billion years under high temperatures and enormous pressure. It’s soft and talk-like in structure, easily editable and therefore popular among artists to sculpt with.


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