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Black Obsidian Dual Ended Face Roller

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Give your face a pleasantly cool, mild massage with this black obsidian facial roller. Black obsidian feels pleasant and protects against negative energy, according to experts. The obsidian facial roller has a stylish look and helps your face relax after a stressful day. In addition, you can use the roller to optimally absorb your favorite cream.


What Does Black Obsidian Do for Your Face and Body?

Obsidian is a black, glass-like stone also called dragon glass. That sounds powerful, and so is this stone! Black obsidian gives self-insight and clears negative energy. The stone stimulates your heart chakra and removes blockages. Black obsidian is therefore very popular as a talisman, for meditation or ... for a facial massage to relax and regain balance.

Black obsidian feels pleasantly cool on your skin and is non-irritating. It is a perfect mineral for a massage: with the obsidian facial roller you stimulate your blood circulation and ensure that your muscles relax better.


What do you use the obsidian facial roller for?

This facial roller has a larger roller and a small roller. With the large roller you can massage the larger surfaces of your face, with the small roller the smaller areas.

You can use the obsidian roller for the following:

  • Massage in your cream or serum after cleansing your face.
  • Massaging your face after a busy day
  • Cooling your face in the morning, for example, when you suffer from bags under the eyes.

With the facial roller you stimulate the blood circulation, so that your skin gets a nice glow and fine lines are less visible. In addition, you can ensure that your cream or serum is absorbed just a little better by the skin by massaging it with the roller.


Black obsidian facial roller; tips

It is important when you massage your face with the facial roller that you work from the inside out. For example, massage from your eye towards your ear with the narrow roller.

If you use the facial roller to massage in a serum or cream, always clean it after use. This will prevent bacteria from remaining on the roller, which will end up on your face the next time.

You can enhance the cooling effect of the roller by simply putting it in the fridge. Great for in the morning, to massage your face awake.

The facial roller is a nice gift tip for lovers of minerals and (natural) skin care. The dual ended face roller is available in different mineral variants at Eastern Trading.


Order black obsidian facial roller

At Eastern Trading you can find various dual ended face rollers, including the obsidian roller. There is a personal product for everyone. You will also find a large collection with other gemstone products, such as jewelry, gemstone water bottles and tumbled stones.

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