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AyurLaVie Innerlijke Rust 150gr.

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AyurLaVie Innerlijke Rust 150gr.

Tea moment

In all its simplicity, invigorating tea is one of the most magical beverages. She is the answer to almost every question and in her many variations there is something to love for everyone. Tea time is a heartwarming moment of reflection, a moment of comfort or connection. She’s a  delight for the senses with her taste and smell sensations, but also beneficial for body and soul in her herbal blend.

Eastern Trading Agencies presents the tea of Ayur La Vie: a natural richness of herbs full of different flavors and smells, which are carefully composed according to Ayurvedic principles

Bio inner peace

For centuries herbs have fulfilling their duty as natural medicines. Not only for the prevention of diseases, also for the advance of your well-being, herbal teas are a beneficial remedy. Inner Rest - natural tea is specially designed to calm and warm. Her base is citrus husk, fennel, hibiscus blossom, ginger root, cardamom, chamomile blossom, linden blossom, caterpillar clover, liquorice root, clove and a hint of black pepper.

Note: this is loose tea, which you can consume by the use of special tea bags. These can also be ordered in our webshop. You use 3-4 teaspoons per liter, so about 2 teaspoons per glass. Let the tea draw for about 5 - 10 minutes for the best result.



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