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Arachnafaria spirit board.

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Arachnafaria spirit board

Aracnafaria Spirit Board

A design of Anna stokes: a fairy in gothic style: Aracnafaria, the spider fairy. Her name comes from the word "Arachnid". This is the class of invertebrates to which spiders belong. Throughout the image, traces and motifs of native Australian spiders can be found.

Talking board/Spirit board/ Ouija board

The Spirit board is also known as the Ouija board or talking board. The terms are interchangeable, but depending on the type of medium the user believes in, one of the two is chosen. Those who have angels as a guide will more quickly choose the term spirit board, while those who work with spirits (of the deceased) prefer to work with an "ouija board".

It’s a kind of game that you can play with more people or alone, where you can ask questions about the past, present and future and you will receive answers from higher spheres.
Your medium moves over the letters or numbers on the board using a planchette supplied until they form a message or answer to your question.


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