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Altar Cloth 36X36" HAND OF FATIMA

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Altar Cloth 36X36" HAND OF FATIMA

There are so many rituals as there are people. Those who use tarot cards are familiar with altar cloths. Eastern Trading Agencies sells various thematic or blank rugs to emphasize your ceremony. From generation to generation, rituals and ceremonies are handed over to find past, present and future. Whether you want to decorate a small personal altar or sacrifice space in the home or gather a group of people to attend ceremonies and rituals: an altar cloth or tapestry is an indispensable attribute.

Altar cloth Hand of Fatima

This beautiful tapestry owes its depth to the many shades of blue, black and white. The textile is of high quality and finished by hand. In the middle is the protective amulet, the hand of Fatima, also known as the hand of Hamsa. Although the hand also occurs in Judaism as the Hand of Mary where it refers to the 5 books of the Torah, it is in particular an Islamic symbol. Fatima refers to the eldest daughter of the Prophet: Fatima Zahra. The five fingers refer to the five pillars, the five obligations of faith: praying 5 times a day, giving alms, creed, fasting during Ramadan and making a pilgrimage once in your life.

During rituals, the earthly is connected to the divine. You can gather different elements, for example representing earth, air, water and fire on an altar. What an altar makes such a special part of a ritual? An altar remains in use for months, years or even a whole lifetime and grows in strength with the attention and respect that you give it. Users establish an altar location for their home, but also for a specific event such as a pregnancy or illness / health.




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