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Acupresure Neck Pillow Orange With Orange Spike (Buddha)

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Acupresure Neck Pillow Orange With Orange Spike (Buddha)

An acpressure cushion for your neck has several advantages in terms of relaxation. After a long or stressful day, this neck pillow can help you unwind and take the tension off your muscles. Many people have to get used to the idea: a pillow with spikes. Yet it offers various benefits for your well-being.


How does an acupressure cushion work?

An acupressure cushion is used to relax more easily and to combat pain. Many people find the idea that you lie with your neck on a pillow with "spikes" a bit scary. Yet such a cushion has a proven effect. Lying on the pillow with your neck releases endorphins in your body. Endorfine is also called the "lucky hormone." It is a substance that your body makes itself.

Endorphins work well against the stress hormone cortisol. If cortisol is often released in your body (such as in a stressful job), that is not good for your health. A deep relaxation through the acupressure cushion prevents the production of endorphins. The result is that you feel more relaxed; both in your head and in your body.


An acupressure cushion can be used for this

Anyone can benefit from lying on the acupressure neck pillow. Both young and old, sick and healthy can benefit from it. To benefit from it, it is recommended to lie on it with your neck for 20 to 45 minutes. Besides that this is good for the release of endorphins, it is a nice way to insert a "mandatory" moment where you relax and release everything.

You can use this pillow to combat pain (endorphins help regardless of the condition) and to create relaxation. For example, a condition such as fibromyalgia can help you relieve something by regularly lying on an acupressure cushion. In addition, kissing can help you if you experience a lot of stress, have difficulty relaxing, or sleep poorly.


Getting used to the acupresure neck pillow

It is normal for your body to get used to the spikes on this pillow. In the beginning you can experience this as uncomfortable, or even a bit painful or unpleasant. One gets used to this neck pillow within one or two days, the other needs about a week. This is normal. We recommend that you quietly experience this adjustment period. You don't have to be afraid of injuries. You can compare the pillow with a very firm massage.


Acupresure Neck Pillow orange order online

This acupressure cushion has an attractive orange color. After logging in or creating an account with Eastern Trading, you can easily order it. We always send items in stock within 48 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our range or about the delivery. We are happy to help you.


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