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[3] Fairy House Incense Burner

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[3] Fairy house incense burner

Lovely scented smoke comes from the chimney of this nice house. The cottage is specifically for burning incense cones. You can safely store them in it and enjoy your favorite scent. The smoke from the chimney provides an extra nice effect. The houses are sold per three, each in a different color and version.


Fairies and magic

Everyone knows the stories about fairies, gnomes, forests and magic. These beautiful stories are still being distributed worldwide. The fairy can conjure up in many stories, and ensures that wishes come true. Stories about fairies and magic are loved by young and old to hear, tell and read. Meanwhile, countless films and TV series have been made with and about fairies.


Fairy house incense burner

We call this a fairy house, but of course you can think for yourself who you think lives in this house. The cottage is beautifully finished, with lovely details. This way it looks like you actually would encounter it in the forest.

This incense burner is a very original gift for nature and fantasy lovers.


Burning incense cones

With a scented cone holder you can safely enjoy the scents. These cones work the same as incense, only the incense is processed in a cone instead of in a stick. This gives the same effect.



You light a scented cone with a match or lighter. Wait until you see a flame and the cone starts glowing. Then blow out the flame, and you can enjoy the smell.

We recommend ventilating your house regularly if you like to burn incense. This way you keep the climate in your home pleasant and you can enjoy the scent of the cones.

You can place the scented cones in the fairy house from th. It is also possible to put an incense stick in the chimney. We do recommend to put a bowl next to the house for the ashes.


Order Fairy house incense burner from Eastern Trading

At Eastern Trading you can order this set of three incense cone holders and various others. We have the largest range in Europe in the field of fragrances and spiritual products. We now have more than 45 years of experience in this industry, and we have a great passion for our products.

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